Case sharing – an innovation story about sunglasses printing.

Today I would like to share an amazing story, it’s a story about innovation, and how Capa eyewear grows together with our client.

Four young men come to us and said they’re a start-up in sunglasses field, and they’re finding an OEM manufacturer to make their new designed sunglasses come true.

They took their design draft and inquired about more than 10 manufacturers in the city and even turn to Wenzhou, the famous eyewear industrial town in China, but always get the same answer from the staff of manufacturers: the patterns on the draft are too complicated to print on the sunglasses. I couldn’t figure out what they mean about ‘the patterns are too complicated to print’ until I firstly saw one of their design draft.

What a bold design! I never seen such a special design sunglasses before. “Our sunglasses are designed for FIFA World Cup fans.” Said Mr. Wong, one of the four young men, “The pattern on the right side is inspired by the classic football kit of Spain national football team, and the left side is the national emblem of Spain.”

Indeed, selling World cup theme sunglasses to football fans is really a good business. But the most important thing at this stage is turning it into a real product. I really love their design and I thought this is really a challenging project, so I agreed to cooperate with these four young men and try to find a solution for them.

After few times of discussing with them, I listed out three critical problems that we must overcome:

1. As you can see in the picture 1, the pattern on the right side starts from the front of the frame and stretch to the right leg, in the world of eyewear printing, the most common printing method are water transfer, thermal printing and silkscreen printing, but all of them can not perfectly print on the corner position.

2. The color of the pattern must be sharp and the whole pattern must be clear. The national emblem on the left leg are composed of thin line, all of the printing method mention above cannot reach this precision.

3. With less than 180 days to go before the FIFA World Cup, we must speed up.

That means we have to find a new technical method of printing at the soonest to make this product comes true. Really a challenging and exciting project.

Working with bold people makes you bolder. After few times of failure, we found a way to success: We printed the pattern on a special processed paper and cut out the shapes, and then stick on the sunglasses frame, just like a tattoo sticker, and then put the semi-finished sunglasses into a specified drying machine to drying the moisture. Finally, paint a layer of rubber to fix the pattern on the frame. Sounds very easy but is actually difficult. The process of sticking the tattoo cost a lot of time, not to mention the position of more than 7 thousands pieces of sunglasses you sicked on must be the same. Thanks to our over 100 well-training staffs' hard working for a months , we did it!

The four young men’s company are called Gafascross. Their fans love these amazing product, and the four young men reach a huge success this summer.

(Below are the part of photos posted on the social network by the Gafascross' big fans)

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